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America's First Million Youth Peace March was founded in 2011. Jayrah Gibson, the son of Ms. Kitra Williams is the brain-child. He said to his mother one day, "Mom, youth are doing more than just sitting around with their pants hanging down talking about 'What Up!'" His mother said "so why are you telling me that?" Jayrah said "Well we've had the Million Man's March, we've had the Million Woman's March, so we need to have a Million Youth March to show how we care about our community and each other". After agreeing with her son, they decided to add 2 additional words...Peace and International to reveal they understood the impact and epidemic of violence and bullying was not just in our own country but nation-wide and with all ethnicities!

And there was birth the "Million Youth Peace March International", an annual mentoring program on Washington where youth can inspire their peers against violence and bullying and we as their leaders and overseers can bridge the gap with them to empower their voices and help encourage them with economic empowerment with jobs for their future!

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